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Planning Headaches..

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First entry, 83 days to go.. seems so long and still there seems so little time to raise enough money and get ready.
Tonight, fed up with trying to work on this bit by bit whenever I have time, I sat down with a bottle of my favorite white wine, pen and paper, my laptop, 12 guidebooks and about 14 candles... Tonight it was all going to become clear....

About two hours later I'm ripping my hair out and cursing the internet for being *too* informative. Whenever I see a place I might be interested in going to some other site comes along and tells me I don't want to go there.
They all keep telling me I'm gonna be hot and sticky, overcome by tourism and they all keep reminding me of all the insects I'm going to encounter - the ones I'm trying to put as far back into my head as possible.

Safety precautions are playing with my head also, freaking me out a bit since I'm mostly going to be alone on my journey. In my most paranoid of attacks I see myself sticky and wet, walking with my huge backpack every day, clinging desperatly to my digital camera and wallet - having buried my passport and creditcards in my crotch :/
And if the safety precautions aren't reality check enough, there's local customs and traditions... I have ADD, how am i supposed to make my body not to all of those things?? I'm not really in touch with how my body moves, i'm a total clutz... Don't point your feet towards someone? Like how do you do that? If your standing, your feet can't point to the person your standing against? Must you point your feet somewhere else and twist your body so you face the person your talking to? What can the angle be? And when does this apply? Always? What happens if your in a crowd of people, where can you point your feet then? .. For a detail obsessed person such as myself this could be a headache...

But those are still just small panic points. Today I'm more worried about finding some sort of a route. I know I won't be able to stick to it 100% but in my head it would feel better to know just a little bit about where I'm going.. I'm just not the wing it sort of person when i comes to travel..

There are some good news though:

  • I have decided on a flight plan
  • India the first country on the list and I've found a 15 day tour that suits me and I can afford so I'm pretty jolly about that. It's good to know that my first days in a another world won't be spent alone :)
  • A friend of mine will be in Thailand at the same time as me so I might have a chance to catch up with someone I actually know.

Also I've decided on a couple of places in Thailand, my flight is to Bangkok so I'm gonna stay there for 3 or 4 days.
Then I found a place called Cha am that supposedly has a nice a quiet beach and isin't too far from Bangkok.
And instead of going to Koh Phi Phi I'm thinking of spending a week in Koh Jam.
Now It's just a question of finding nice places along the way to Kuala Lumpur and the Thailand route (which I'm most nervous about) will be done :)

Bad news:

  • Reading so much about the weather being horrible this time of year makes me want to accelerate, if all goes well i might be able to - and go out next month.. i guess that's both good and bad.. I'm so not going with my christmas pooch...

Wish me luck...

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